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"Without the sound it's just a 77 year old guy crawling around in the boat and looking off screen for some reason... When you put the sound in, you create the world that he's in..."

Steve Boeddeker, Sound Supervisor, All Is Lost. Read The Feature

MPG - The Winners Are...

Friday, 14 February 2014 15:16
  Music Producers Guild Awards 2014 Last night was the night of the Music Producers Guild... READ_MORE

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audiopronet Sound BAFTA to @GravityMovieUK - congrats to Glenn Freemantle, Skip Lievsay, Christopher Benstead, Niv Adiri, Chris Munro, and the team.
audiopronet The Winners Are... @ukMPG winners announced in London last night. Interview with 2013 winner Charlie Andrew... http://t.co/hFuy5fyjht
audiopronet New @StuderAudio Vista X Console with Infinity DSP launched... More at APN: http://t.co/DnbvbeiGu9
audiopronet Show news @NAMMShow: #NAMM New Radial Engineering Space Heater eight channel tube + Summing: http://t.co/zky6DZ7Y1m
audiopronet @mikerophonics looks like Edit page, only sideways - special ascii waveform mode.
audiopronet Show news @NAMMShow: #NAMM New @UAudio Apollo Twin desktop interface for Mac: http://t.co/nQkgFkuvxO

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OGWordWizard Audio: Performed in this live recording by Richard Grooms of the band “Magnetic Stars”. http://t.co/lBW4ExhcHc
vurnt22 @Lilactuliprose DAW=Digital Audio Workstation-a virtual recording studio; Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, & Reason are examples.
gl360 Photo: Preparing for the live audio recording of Affinity 3 by listening #GLAffinity the 1st one we did.... http://t.co/5SyFXnnwTu
_M_I_L_I_C_A__ Audio: concertaudios: concert audio of Melanie Martinez’s  “Dead To Me” This is not a live recording, this... http://t.co/WLNP16h4Lm
Cliffvord95 Audio: concertaudios: concert audio of One Direction’s  “You & I” This is not a live recording, this is a... http://t.co/JVQQ1Dvz9v
Pavasoft Pavasoft Audio Recording Studio - Servizio di registrazione Live http://t.co/1r9SCCVTKi

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Nice list.  For the 'I wants' there's all that 'standard' stuff that the higher end studios have in their racks - LA 2A, Eventide, etc, but it's to
Thanks so much! Headphones arrived today and are fantastic. Cheers Audio pronet & Sennheiser
I would. You cant go wrong with fruit. Don't run with scissors though. You might bend them if you fall.
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Guest - Thomas - Commented on AETA 4MinX
Thank you Paul! To have more informations about 4Minx, you can go to this facebook page : https://w...
Paul Mac - Commented on AETA 4MinX
Thanks Thomas - I have corrected that in the article. Much appreciated.
Great interview. Mark makes many important points.
Guest - Neil Hester - Commented on Avid Pro Tools 11
Great review Mike! And thanks for mentioning our Pro Tools PC


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